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EchoMe Artist of the Week Oct. 11 – BarryCloudy

How many rappers do you know with one arm? Cleveland rapper BarryCloudy started making music this past June, a month later he released his debut EP “Cloudy Perspective”, and now his potential is unmistakable. The 27 year-old artist and amputee had never rapped before, never wrote lyrics or performed, and the idea of stepping into a recording studio probably seemed far-fetched 5 short months ago. But the 4-song EP tells a very different story. He raps with force, confidence, and swagger in every verse, his voice is deep and forceful, and his bars paint a picture of his upbringing and lifestyle in the Land. With all 4 songs on the EP having less than 1,000 plays on Spotify and an even less developed SoundCloud, he is literally just getting started. For this reason I was excited to contact him to find out his story.

With a sound that already seems perfected, the rapper mentions that Kanye West, Gucci Mane, and Project Pat (among others) inspire and influence his music. With so many styles mixing together to form the roots of his music; it’s interesting to see where he will take us next. After listening to Cloudy Perspective on repeat for two days straight I needed to find out more about the debut release. “I want Cloudy Perspective to just be a taste”, the rapper wrote, “That was my first project, first time ever stepping in a studio, first time ever rapping and I’m 27”. Seemingly a natural talent, Barry is hungry to follow up with improved and stronger tracks. He is now focusing on his debut mixtape, “Cloudy Season”, which could solidify his potential as a true up and comer.

To add to the absurd narrative, Cloudy Perspective was produced in full by Barry’s 21 year-old barber named “20”, who is now producing Cloudy Season. The success of both the EP and the mixtape they hope to drop this fall could put the young producer in the spotlight as well. A little over 100 days since dropping his first tracks ever, the developing rapper shared that he’s played three shows in Cleveland and one in Los Angeles. He stated that Gucci Mane and Dr. Dre are the two artists he one day wishes to collab with.

Forced to get an amputation following a robbery gone wrong, the rapper wears a bulky black prosthetic arm extending from the top of his elbow down to his hand. He raps about it, boasts it on his Instagram, and truly makes wearing a prosthetic limb swaggy. The prosthetic arm is unique from an artist standpoint and provides proof of the lifestyle Barry raps about. 27 years old with one arm and one EP, the circumstances could be better, but BarryCloudy has demonstrated more potential from a first musical project then I’ve seen in a long time. Expect big things.

Check out the full EP on Spotify below:

Instagram: barrycloudy (10.5k followers)

SoundCloud followers: 6

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 9

By EchoMe SBM: John Faus



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