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EchoMe Artist of the Week Oct. 11 – BarryCloudy

How many rappers do you know with one arm? Cleveland rapper BarryCloudy started making music this past June, a month later he released his debut EP “Cloudy Perspective”, and now his potential is unmistakable. The 27 year-old artist and amputee had never rapped before, never wrote lyrics or performed, and the idea of stepping into a recording studio probably seemed far-fetched 5 short months ago. But the 4-song EP tells a very different story. He raps with force, confidence, and swagger in every verse, his voice is deep and forceful, and his bars paint a picture of his upbringing and lifestyle in the Land. With all 4 songs on the EP having less than 1,000 plays on Spotify and an even less developed SoundCloud, he is literally just getting started. For this reason I was excited to contact him to find out his story.

With a sound that already seems perfected, the rapper mentions that Kanye West, Gucci Mane, and Project Pat (among others) inspire and influence his music. With so many styles mixing together to form the roots of his music; it’s interesting to see where he will take us next. After listening to Cloudy Perspective on repeat for two days straight I needed to find out more about the debut release. “I want Cloudy Perspective to just be a taste”, the rapper wrote, “That was my first project, first time ever stepping in a studio, first time ever rapping and I’m 27”. Seemingly a natural talent, Barry is hungry to follow up with improved and stronger tracks. He is now focusing on his debut mixtape, “Cloudy Season”, which could solidify his potential as a true up and comer.

To add to the absurd narrative, Cloudy Perspective was produced in full by Barry’s 21 year-old barber named “20”, who is now producing Cloudy Season. The success of both the EP and the mixtape they hope to drop this fall could put the young producer in the spotlight as well. A little over 100 days since dropping his first tracks ever, the developing rapper shared that he’s played three shows in Cleveland and one in Los Angeles. He stated that Gucci Mane and Dr. Dre are the two artists he one day wishes to collab with.

Forced to get an amputation following a robbery gone wrong, the rapper wears a bulky black prosthetic arm extending from the top of his elbow down to his hand. He raps about it, boasts it on his Instagram, and truly makes wearing a prosthetic limb swaggy. The prosthetic arm is unique from an artist standpoint and provides proof of the lifestyle Barry raps about. 27 years old with one arm and one EP, the circumstances could be better, but BarryCloudy has demonstrated more potential from a first musical project then I’ve seen in a long time. Expect big things.

Check out the full EP on Spotify below:

Instagram: barrycloudy (10.5k followers)

SoundCloud followers: 6

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 9

By EchoMe SBM: John Faus



EchoMe Artist of the Week Jul. 23 – Drax Project

The New Zealand pop group Drax Project is breaking the genre barrier along their rapid come up in the southeastern hemisphere. These dudes have mastered the perfect mix of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop producing a lit pop sound. Beginning in 2013, drummer Matt Beachen and saxophonist/lead vocalist Shaan Singh performed covers on the streets of Wellington, NZ. While attention to the street corner duo slowly built, bassist Sam Thomson and guitarist Ben O’Leary were added to raise the bar. Five years later the four-piece band are selling out venues in New Zealand and Australia, opening for acts such as Ed Sheeran, Lorde, Gorillaz, and most recently Camila Cabello on her European tour. Recently signed to the American record label 300 Entertainment, the band now has the same support as a prestigious list of chart-topping artists on the label such as Young Thug, Tee Grizzley, and Cheat Codes.

The name Drax Project comes from the band’s street corner days when they were just drums and sax, hence ‘drax’. This is one of the most unique and unorthodox bands I’ve seen, but it works to perfection. Multi-talented lead vocalist Shaan Singh has an unbounded voice paired with a sensational ability to shred the saxophone. His skill to shift between vocals and saxophone with his talented band members behind him creates an electrifying dynamic. Their individual sounds mesh together perfectly like rugby and drunk New Zealanders.

While some early singles and their collection of live cover songs have been removed from Spotify and Soundcloud, Drax Project’s first EP, “Noon”, released on June 8, 2018 is available on these music services. The five song EP includes “Woke Up Late” which has already garnered nearly 10 million plays on Spotify. Drax Project featured on co-300 Entertainment artist Famous Dex’s “LIGHT”, which was apart of his April 2018 album, “Dex Meets Dexter”. I’m sure they have a healthy collection of music that will be pushed out heading into Fall 2018.

Similar to many artists from New Zealand and Australia Drax Project heavily focuses on their live performances. Their talents and passion is put on display while playing live and that will certainly help their climb when they begin touring regularly and appearing at music festivals. They recently completed their first overseas trip on Camila Cabello’s European tour and the band’s brief July 2018 U.S. tour marked their first appearances in America.

Here are two Drax Project songs plus a video of a live performance of their “Cry Me a River” cover:

“Falling Out of Sight”, a 2016 release was removed from music platforms and is currently only available on Drax Project’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DraxProject/videos/1092392334205366/

Instagram: draxproject (21.9k followers)

Soundcloud followers: 1,041

Spotify Monthly Listeners: 728,020


By EchoMe SBM: John Faus


An Evening With Greg Laswell

“You guys all sounded so happy coming in here tonight. Well, too bad! We’re going to get sad and depressed together, so here’s a happy song…just kidding it’s depressing,” laughed Greg Laswell during Thursday’s show at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis Minnesota. His performance was flawless. While it’s true that most of Greg’s music is incredibly depressing, there’s no debating its beauty.

You might be wondering why Greg’s name seems familiar. Odds are you’ve probably heard one of his many songs featured on TV shows such as One Tree Hill, True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, The Hills and 90210. In total, his music has been used by nearly 40 TV shows or movies across various genres, making the odds that you’ve heard his distinctive wailing voice pretty high.

Entering the venue, it was clear that the audience was more than ready for Greg to perform. I arrived nearly 30 minutes early to find dedicated fans already waiting in front of the door. The Cedar Cultural Center is an incredibly personal venue and I felt almost guilty occasionally disturbing the atmosphere during the show with the clicks of my camera shutter. The audience was glued to the edge of their seats for the entire performance with people lining the back of the walls to hear Greg’s music.

The entire night was spent listening to everything from classics like “Comes and Goes (In Waves)” to new unreleased music like “Super Moon”. The latter will be released this fall with his new record. It’s an incredibly beautiful song with poetic lyrics such as, “like a photograph of a super moon / it doesn’t match up to the ones I hold it up to”. Furthermore, the performance of the song was something else. It started with Greg making the beginning sound effects of the track using a looping device and his voice. Everyone was incredibly entertained.

Although most of the music played during the evening discussed darker topics such as loss of love, Greg made sure to lighten up the mood with his commentary. “Can you imagine if my banter matched my song lyrics?” he laughed before imitating a forlorn individual sighing ever five seconds. These moments made the night unforgettable and got numerous laughs from the audience.

All in all, the night was a success and everyone was left happy as they left the Cedar Cultural Center. Greg even took the time to converse with fans after the show.

Industry Updates: Acquisition and Bankruptcy

Welcome to this week’s industry updates. We strive to keep you informed on the latest and greatest news throughout the industry!

Trouble Across the Ocean:

An investigation has been opened into the ticket website Viagogo by the National Trading Standards  for the persistent misleading of consumers. This occurred only hours after the digital minister, Margot James, urged consumers to boycott the company. This is shocking as it’s rare for a government minister to place the spotlight on a singular company for its behavior.

Viagogo is accused of misleading consumers by failing to be transparent about excess fees added to the ticket prices displays online. It had received previous warnings from the regulator, but nothing was done. It also deluded customers by listing the phrase “official site”, creating the assumption that Viagogo was a primary ticket agent rather than a website designed to resell tickets. Furthermore, they promise “100% guarantee” to those who purchase tickets from their website although this cannot be promised through a resale site.

The ASA has requested that search engines such as Google and Bing remove some of the Geneva-based company’s listings. It has also launched an advertising campaign to highlight the Viagogo’s deception.

Big News For Sony:

One of the powerhouses of the music industry just got stronger. Sony has made the move to pay $2.3bn to take control of EMI Music Publishing. This cements the company’s place as the globe’s largest music publishing company.

2.1m EMI songs have been added to Sony’s already extensive catalogue of 2.3m songs as a result of this acquisition. EMI’s catalogue includes a variety of artists such as Carole King, Kanye West, Pink, Sam Smith and Drake. This marks Kenichiro Yoshida’s first deal as the new chief executive.

The music publishing sector of the industry has become a progressively significant cash-flow generator as the music industry moves into the digital age. Each moment something is streamed or sold, the label accumulates income for the recording, while the publisher collects for the songwriters.

Gibson Guitar Bankrupt:

The makers of rock and roll’s favorite guitars, Gibson Brands, has filed for bankruptcy protection after enduring a demoralizing financial fall from its investments in consumer electronic brands. Gibson stated Tuesday that it needed court protection from creditors to reorganize its business. The company plans to continue the business of designing, building and selling instruments and equipment but will close its branch that makes Philips headphones and other electronic accessories.

EchoMe Artist of the Week May 17 – Whethan


Talented beyond his years, DJ and producer Ethan Snoreck, better known as Whethan, is building upon an already fast-paced breakout onto the electronic music scene. The eighteen-year-old Chicago native has transformed from a gifted SoundCloud producer to travelling the United States alongside The Chainsmokers and shredding his first headline tour within two years. His first release on SoundCloud was his edit of Mssingno’s “XE3”, which now has over 10 million plays. Wheaty continued by remixing tracks for the likes of fellow Chicagoans Louis The Child, Elohim, and ZAYN, and quickly gained himself attention. Two innovators of the EDM sound, Skrillex and Flux Pavilion, discovered Whethan’s raw potential and set him up to start producing tracks of his own.

Releasing fire single after fire single since early 2016, the kid was a regular at all the biggest festivals throughout Spring and Summer 2017. His sets on the Do LaB Stage at Coachella 2017 confirmed his spot as the next up-coming DJ. What sets Whethan apart from any DJ doing it right now is his assortment of sounds. He has the ability to create an up-tempo EDM jam with a big drop such as his late 2016 single “Savage” (feat. Flux Pavilion & MAX), or slow it down and combine indie vibes with electro like his hit single and debut tour’s title “Good Nights” (feat. Mascolo) June, 2017. While most DJs find their sound and stick to it, Whethan gives versatility a new meaning.

With the help from friend and up and coming vocalist Oliver Tree, the future star is producing heat with their first two collabs. In 2016 they dropped “When I’m Down”, which now has over 8.5 million hits on Spotify, a new Pop-style vibe with dope lyrics and a catchy beat. In Fall 2017 Whethan and Tree dropped “Enemy”, following in this Pop-style direction. He has continued down this avenue while producing “Aw Yeah” April, 2018, for the talented young rapper Blaise Railey.

Eighteen years old with almost 5 million Monthly Listeners on Spotify and a plethora of raw remixes and originals already under his belt, Whethan is exploding onto the scene. His style and creativity will continue to push him to the next level.


Instagram followers when published: 65k

SoundCloud followers when published: 127k

Spotify Monthly Listeners when published: 4,699,205


By: EchoMe SBM John Faus

X Ambassadors Provides A Happy Home At The House of Blues

“One of the reasons we’re here tonight is to play you guys some new songs. This one’s called Happy Home,” shouted Sam Harris during Sunday night’s X Ambassadors concert at the House of Blues in Boston. For the record, Happy Home did not disappoint. neither did any of the other new unreleased music.

From everything that was played, I can tell you with certainty that the new album being crafted by X Ambassadors is set to blow everyone out of the water. Happy Home slaps you in the face with killer lyrics, soaring high notes, powerful belting, and foot-tapping beats. It’s incredibly danceable and profound at the same time. A rare find among both modern pop and modern rock.

Admittedly, I was debating on making this article and extended photo gallery when I first entered the House of Blues. Unlike most, I had work the next day and was craving sleep, but after watching Sam command the entire stage I was sold. There was no way I was leaving until the encore. He’s well aware of how to put on a captivating performance, entrancing audience members until the last chord of the final song.

Sam opened the show in a full suit and was left in a tank-top by the end of the third song. Sweat was pouring off his body from running back and forth across the stage. During one song alone he switched from singing, to guitar, to saxophone. Clearly a talented musician, it was hard to pry your eyes away from his electric performance.

However, his brother and bandmate, Casey, is equally talented and gave him a run for his money. Casey is impressive in his own right and an inspiration to many as he’s legally blind. He might be one of the most talented pianists I’ve had the fortune to watch and proves that sight is not necessary to master an instrument and jamming out. This was proven as he improved the intro to unsteady during his brother’s speech in which the song was dedicated to the victims of the Parkland shooting. There was not a single chord out of place or a clunky note that didn’t belong and Casey’s fingers flew across the keyboard. It was truly captivating.

Overall, I’d say the X Ambassador concert experience is well worth the investment. It’s always special to go to a show and come away having listened to unreleased music. This performance has the perfect mix of new material and old classics. The quality of the live vocals and instruments was beyond my expectations and the energy brought to the stage only improved the experience and made leaving the show early impossible. Additionally, from a photographer’s perspective,   the lighting of the show was done tastefully. It’s incredibly difficult to shoot concerts that have a heavy focus on blue lighting. Unfortunately, this is a current trend I’ve witnessed throughout shows I’ve shot this year. The X Ambassadors performance included a wide array of lighting from blues, to pinks, to white light. It was refreshing to see such variety in a performance.

Photography by Patricia Jackson

GERALD “G-EAZY” GILLUM and The Beautiful & Damned Tour

Gerald Gillum, better known as G-Eazy, hasn’t stopped breaking ground since the release of his sophomore album When It’s Dark Out. The album features his seven-time platinum single, “Me, Myself, and I”, a song discussing what comes with fame and the struggles faced while trying to make it to the top. With intelligently crafted lyrics and a relatable refrain featuring Bebe Rexha, it’s clear to see why this track became an anthem for many throughout 2015 and 2016.

Since his initial breakthrough, Gerald, a multi-platinum recording artist and producer, hasn’t stopped conquering the music industry. He’s been selling out shows worldwide, was named “Favorite Hip-Hop Artist” at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards, and he’s performed at countless award shows such as the VMAs.  The release of his latest album The Beautiful & Damned in December of 2017 established that he’s here to stay and he’s not slowing down. It debuted at #3 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart and paints the picture of Gerald vs G-Eazy. The album is incredibly raw and gives the listener a glimpse of the personality behind the stage persona. With this ensemble of tracks, we see into the mind of a man who’s mastered the hustle.

The Beautiful & Damned boasts numerous collaborations, most notably with Halsey, A$AP Rock and Cardi B. It consists of a massive twenty songs, the most streamed on Spotify is “No Limit”.  In an interview with Angie Martinez, Gerald revealed the album’s concept, “The concept of it is kinda split in half and it’s two CDs, but for all intents and purposes its 20 songs, it’s just a long album,” he explained. “The concept of it is kinda like its about the lifestyle, ‘The Beautiful and Damned’. Like being a kid, having the dream of doing this, starting from square one, from outside looking in from without having nothing — to chasing this dream, and then all these years down the road of following this yellow brick road trying to get to where you’re going, one day waking up and being like, ‘Did it take me where I wanted to go?’ This fantasy of, like, sex, drugs, & rock ‘n’ roll is kinda clichéd, but it’s clichéd for a reason. It’s dark.”

Currently on tour, Gerald (G-Eazy) has upcoming tour dates across the US and Europe, more information on his website. It’s set to be an explosive event any music lover won’t want to miss. Notoriously known for his stage presence, the Beautiful & Damned tour is sure to wow audience members with an electric performance coupled with the rawness of Gerald’s latest album. You’ll be sure to leave the venue post-concert exhausted with unforgettable memories.

Social Media:

Instagram: 5.3 million followers

Twitter: 3.36 million followers

Facebook: 1.9 million followers

Spotify: 29.6 million monthly listeners

Soundcloud: 1.05 million followers

Website: https://g-eazy.com/

PHOTO CREDIT: Bobby Bruderle

Youngr: An Interview

It’s Friday night, I’m exiting the House of Blues at the end of the Matoma/Youngr/Elephante concert in Boston and by pure luck manage to bump into none other than Youngr himself, or should I say, Dario Darnell. After talking with his tour manager for several minutes, he agrees to give us a five-minute interview. I can’t believe my luck.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Youngr, it’s your loss. His album, This is Not an Album, released January 5th, is a smashing success with stellar vocals, quality lyrics, and great beats. Check out this video for “Out Of My System”, it’s clear Youngr’s a talented artist with a vast skill set. How many other musicians can completely construct one of their songs single-handedly?

When asked about whether Youngr, was a stage persona or himself, Dario had some interesting insight stating, “It is me, but you know I think the stage me is a more extreme version of who I am.” From the five short minutes we were given to interview, it’s clear to see what he means. There was nothing fake about his interactions on stage with the audience, just as there was nothing fake about his answers to our questions. Youngr and Dario are one and the same. The difference is group size. To captivated hundreds for prolonged periods of time takes more flamboyancy. It’s much easier to form a connection with someone in a smaller setting. To be able to pull off forming a bond with each audience member is a skill only the most seasoned performers possess, and Youngr has it.

Interestingly enough, we have the lack of a growth spurt to thank for Dario’s decision to enter the music industry. “I was twelve years old and I used to play basketball for England under-sixteen. I was doing my thing and I was pretty tall. But, by thirteen, I’d stopped growing and I started playing the drums and realized that girls like drums. I was drumming along and thinking ‘This is way easier than playing basketball every weekend,” he shares. Who knows? Maybe had he kept growing we’d be watching him on the court instead of on stage. However, Dario still loves sports. He might not know the difference between zone and man on man defence, but he established that he’d want to be a professional Frisbee player were he not a musician. Unfortunately, I left my disk at home and was unable to test his skills, but with previous experience in sports, I can only assume he throws a mean backhand.

Additionally, his drink of choice pre-show is red wine, “Red wine big time, Merlot. Boom, hands down!” It’s not a surprise then, that when asked who he’d like to collaborate with, dead or alive, Youngr stated that Prince would be one of his top choices. After all, the King of Pop also fancied a little red wine on occasion and had an amazing stage presence.

At the end of the night, I was left wondering how to properly portray such a charismatic and kind artist in an article. It’s rare to meet a musician whose favorite memory on tour happens to be a moment during which everything seems to be going wrong. This particular moment was when Dario’s luggage didn’t manage to make the journey to Boston with him and the rest of his crew. “It’s my best memory because you’ve got to think on your toes. I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to make this show happen,” he ascertains. The show Friday night was nothing short of spectacular and highlights both Youngr’s skills in his trade and professionalism. He’s got shows coming up in Miami and Washington DC if you’re in the area check him out.

BØRNS Saves Our Young Blood

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” perfectly sums up the mood at the Boston House of Blues last night. Strutting under the lights, this is what Mikky Ekko chose to roar at the crowd as he took the stage Sunday night to open for BØRNS. The performance was a show stopper. Walking to the venue, it was clear I was in for a night. The line extended past its usual point, snaking down one street, curving to another and passing the bridge. It was a first for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to the lines, but this line was at least 30ft longer than what I’m used to for the House of Blues. I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful that press can skip lines. It was rainy and cold. Garrett Borns might have one of the most dedicated followings I’ve had the fortune to witness.

Doors opened at 7:00 PM. I entered around 7:15 PM. By 7:30 PM the floor was packed. Standing next to the stage, looking out at the crowd, it was clear this was a young audience of teenagers and young twenty-somethings. Eventually, the lights dimmed, signalling it was time to get to work.

For those of you who think you don’t know Mikky Ekko, you’re wrong. Remember “Stay” by Rhianna? That guy with the killer voice, that’s Mikky. Since his performance at the Grammy Awards in 2013, his music has only gotten better. His new single “Not The One”, is a jam anyone can connect with. It discusses wanting someone who doesn’t want you back. Everyone was sucked into his set as he belted, “I’m not the one/I’m not the one/I’m just the one you want for now.” It was a magical moment. His set was lit by mostly teal and dark blue lights with shocks of red and yellow, creating a welcoming atmosphere filled with bits of mystery, coordinating well with his soulful tenor voice. Clearly, Mikky loves his craft and loves his fans. Towards the end of his set, he jumped off stage and ventured towards the audience, not just touching their hands, but actually jumping into the crowd and remaining there until the end of his performance. He also spent time at the merchandise table post-show to greet fans, highlighting once again that he’s a down to earth guy, just looking to make music.

Next came Charlotte Cardin, a singer/pianist from Montreal. She was accompanied by Ben on drums and Matt on bass and synth. After announcing that she was going to be playing love songs and listening to her set I have to say she might just be the queen of love with a smooth jazzy voice and sensual stage presence. Charlotte was a crowd pleaser. Again, her lighting consisted of heavy dark blue lights, but she opted for an occasional smooth transition towards a magenta lighting. It added to performance, creating a relaxing vibe pleasurable to every audience member. Her song “Paradise Motion” captivated everyone with its interesting backing beat and her vocal range. While the verses consisted of middle range singing she spent the chorus soaring, leaving everyone feeling as though they were actually in paradise.

Finally, it was time for the main event. The audience was squashed as close to the barriers as they could get, waiting for BØRNS to take the stage. Screeches erupted the moment the lights dimmed. Everyone lost it the moment Garrett Borns waltzed on stage in his green suit and opened with “God Save Our Young Blood”. He wound up performing the entirety of Blue Madonna, his latest album, from start to finish. It was refreshing getting to hear a disk from front to back instead of the same old songs performed every tour due to their popularity. His lighting was all over the place in the best of ways. Lasers, strobes, deep blue lighting, fully lit white light. There was so much going on, but it all had a purpose and was all clearly tailored to the vibe of each song. Frankly put, Garrett might be the Mick Jagger of alternative rock/indie pop. He gives off major ambiences of this rock legend from the hair, to the way he commands the stage, to his dance moves, to his bold suit choices. Granted, they are not the same. Garrett Brooks just manages to embody all the positive characteristics found throughout the most seasoned performers, resulting in a truly captivating show. Its clear fans agree as they threw him drawings, flowers, and even a flower crown. As a whole, from open to close, this concert was a hit. Everything was planned out meticulously and done with purpose resulting in an unforgettable experience for every concert attendee.

Matoma/Youngr/Elephante Bring The House Down

“Let’s go Boston!” It’s 2:00am on a Friday night in Boston, Massachusetts. Sipping on a pink concoction given to me by Tom Straete at the conclusion of our interview, I’m stuck wondering how this night even happened. Rarely do I have to chance to meet a performer as kind and humble as Tom or should I say Matoma? Yep, that’s right. Matoma isn’t his given name, people call him Tom, and he’s just like every last one of us. Actually, he’s one of the most genuine people and hands down the most genuine musician I’ve had the fortune to meet during my time as a concert photographer/interviewer.


I was able to witness this first hand, post-show, as he took time to meet fans at his merchandise table. Unlike many performers, he’s not elusive. He took a special interest in a fan, Ronald Thompson, and brought him backstage to discuss the improvements needed in order to make concert-going and day to day activities more accessible for those in wheelchairs. There was nothing fake about this interaction and it was certainly done from the heart and not for publicity. This was just a man looking for a way to use his influence to help others.


After watching this interaction, it came as no surprise that Charles, one of Tom’s crew, had to inform me post-interview that this string of shows is a climate positive tour. This means that Tom donates proceeds from his shows to effectively erase the carbon footprint caused during travel and performances. In fact, he goes above and beyond by donating more than enough to clear him of any environmental pollution. Few artists would do this, even fewer would do so without announcing it to the world. But, no one is here to read my raving review of a man’s character. You’re here for the music.


The concert itself was a hit. Sprinting through the cold, I grabbed my passes, skipped the line, and entered the venue as quickly as possible to have time to talk to my favorite security guard named Tony. I’ll be the first to admit that although I enjoy listening to EDM music it is not my first pick of concerts to report on. I find them difficult to shoot with the giant podiums and often times have a hard time connecting with the artists because of the separation caused by the podium. The first opener Youngr defeated all odds and left the audience jazzed and ready for a night full of music.


Youngr, a artist from the UK, places emphasis on percussion. This should come as no surprise since he’s been banging on the drums since the end of his basketball career at the age of 12. He’s a blast to watch as he jumps around from bass to drums, to singing. Thrusting the mic stand into the air at one point during his performance, he kept the audience holding on to his every word and movement. He was explosive, a true man of the people. Fortunately, I was able to track him down post-show and convince him to partake in a five-minute interview. When asked who he wished he could collaborate with on a track alive or dead, he mentioned Prince. After witnessing him perform, I can only imagine that this track would be legendary as the king of pop’s influence is evident in Youngr’s performances. Furthermore, he takes things like a champ. The fact that his luggage didn’t arrive in Boston in time for the concert didn’t phase him, instead, he’s quoted saying, “it’s my favorite memory on tour thus far.” If that’s not a winning attitude, I don’t know what is.


After Youngr came Elephante otherwise known as Tim Wu, an EDM artist based in Los Angeles. His set featured heavy bass drops that left your insides shaking for minutes after his set. Filled with mixes of popular hits, he kept the audience moving their feet and amped them up further for the main act, Matoma. However, his stage presence was lacking as the podium put a real distance between him and the audience. Additionally, from a lighting standpoint, his setup was rather boring with a heavy focus on blue lighting throughout his entire set. However, at the end of the day, the music is what matters and in that regard the performance was amazing. The press spent far more time dancing together than taking photos.


Finally, after hours of waiting Matoma took the stage and blew everyone in the room out of the water. His opener was one of his new hits on an album to be released in May, “One In A Million”, promoting love and acceptance. In our interview when asked about the track, he stated, “it’s the story around the person that makes them unique. When people say ‘You’re one in a million,’ it’s not because it’s a phrase that’s cliché. I believe you’re actually one in a million.” The rest of the night consisted of well-known classics, among them “All Night” and “Old Thing Back”. Niku, Tom’s tour manager, was kind enough to allow me on stage to ensure the podium did not limit the integrity of my photographs. Standing on the side, looking out into the audience was a magical moment. To see so many people crowded on the floor dancing non-stop to the music around them made me realize how someone could go through the lengths of performing most nights and being separated from the people they love for prolonged periods of time. Take away the lasers, the confetti cannons, the strobe lights and you’re left with a man with a passion for music and desire to provide others with an unforgettable night.