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An Evening With Greg Laswell

“You guys all sounded so happy coming in here tonight. Well, too bad! We’re going to get sad and depressed together, so here’s a happy song…just kidding it’s depressing,” laughed Greg Laswell during Thursday’s show at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis Minnesota. His performance was flawless. While it’s true that most of Greg’s music is incredibly depressing, there’s no debating its beauty.

You might be wondering why Greg’s name seems familiar. Odds are you’ve probably heard one of his many songs featured on TV shows such as One Tree Hill, True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, The Hills and 90210. In total, his music has been used by nearly 40 TV shows or movies across various genres, making the odds that you’ve heard his distinctive wailing voice pretty high.

Entering the venue, it was clear that the audience was more than ready for Greg to perform. I arrived nearly 30 minutes early to find dedicated fans already waiting in front of the door. The Cedar Cultural Center is an incredibly personal venue and I felt almost guilty occasionally disturbing the atmosphere during the show with the clicks of my camera shutter. The audience was glued to the edge of their seats for the entire performance with people lining the back of the walls to hear Greg’s music.

The entire night was spent listening to everything from classics like “Comes and Goes (In Waves)” to new unreleased music like “Super Moon”. The latter will be released this fall with his new record. It’s an incredibly beautiful song with poetic lyrics such as, “like a photograph of a super moon / it doesn’t match up to the ones I hold it up to”. Furthermore, the performance of the song was something else. It started with Greg making the beginning sound effects of the track using a looping device and his voice. Everyone was incredibly entertained.

Although most of the music played during the evening discussed darker topics such as loss of love, Greg made sure to lighten up the mood with his commentary. “Can you imagine if my banter matched my song lyrics?” he laughed before imitating a forlorn individual sighing ever five seconds. These moments made the night unforgettable and got numerous laughs from the audience.

All in all, the night was a success and everyone was left happy as they left the Cedar Cultural Center. Greg even took the time to converse with fans after the show.

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