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EchoMe Artist of the Week Nov. 29 – Young Bombs

Young Bombs

Canadian DJ duo Young Bombs, made up of Martin Kottmeier and Tristan Norton are best known for their up-tempo and cutting edge remixes that they release on a consistent basis for their growing fan base to enjoy. They have the ability to turn essentially any track they choose into an electronic work of art, from remixing tracks for the likes of Iggy Azalea, B.o.B., and Gryffin: their range is next level. Their remixes have reached over a combined 50 million online plays proving their potential as up-and-comers. We believe that this impressive catalog of remixes is a precursor for some Young Bombs originals, which will surely launch them into the EDM spotlight.

The Chainsmokers are responsible for some of Young Bombs early recognition as they first opened for the Chainsmokers back in 2015 and have performed alongside them a few times since. While they are new to the scene, Bombs is already featured on many EDM artists to watch lists and their popularity is growing coming off a summer 2017 filled with big name festival appearances and small venue headlines. These guys bring big energy to every set from the minute they take the stage and it flows onto everyone in attendance.

Kottmeier and Norton were formerly members of a Canadian band formed in 2005 called The Sessions. This dance, rock, electro band competed in and won the world’s largest battle of the bands competition in 2006, with Kottmeier on the drums and Norton on guitar. The duo had a pretty uncommon journey to the EDM scene but it has proved to help.

As Young Bombs continues to develop their own sound and play big name stages like Lollapalooza, Billboard Hot 100, Firefly, and Shaky Beats, expect them to emerge as a serious top new DJ duo in the dance music industry. Their range of dope remixes will have fans ready for anything when they release their own originals.


Instagram followers when published: 7,777

SoundCloud followers when published: 65.3k

Spotify Monthly Listeners when published: 89,286

By: EchoMe SBM John Faus